Suite for the Seagulls finished mixing in surround 5.1!
Finally after a year with intensive listening and lots of exploration in the 5.1 surround format Suite for the Seagulls is finally ready for release during next year. This remarkable meeting between Gnu Quartet (IT) and Norchestra (NO) really worked also in the studio when we recorded this music for the first time at Zerodieci studios in Genova, Italy just before Christmas 2014. After a year of listening, selecting and perfecting the best parts of the seven movements this music is ready to presented to the world during next year. Stay tuned for updates regarding release tour and concerts in 2016!
Publisert 15 Dec 2015 av Norchestra
EP-RELEASE: Norchestra: ”Live in Tysvær 2001” - 10-year anniversary EP
Press Release from Acoustic Landscapes Norway:

EP-RELEASE: Norchestra: ”Live in Tysvær 2001” - 10-year anniversary EP
Title: Live in Tysvær 2001 – 10-year anniversary EP
Catalognumber: ACL 001
Release date: 3. August 2011
Distribution: Phonofile / Musikkoperatørene

Alf Wilhelm Lundberg - piano(1, 2, 3 & 5) & guitar (4)
Kjetil Olai Lundø - doublebass
Tore Jamne - drums & percussion (4)

Norchestra marks their 10-year anniversary as a trio with the release of this live-recording, exactly 10 years after their debut-concert in a well-hidden concert hall at the West Coast of Norway the 3rd of August 2001. Even though this was the trio’s first concert under their own name, the concept of developing their unique style was born years before. The idea of mixing contemporary classical music with improvisation and jazz was conceived at Skeisvang College of Music in Haugesund where Lundberg got this idea, composing the symphonic poem ”Moon and Sun, Clouds and Wind” for his graduation concert there in 1999. In December 2000 the trio made an attempt to do some of this music during a show in a concert hall in Haugesund without success. The music was simply too demanding for the trio at that time. Nonetheless, the urge to master this concept made them unite as a trio by the somewhat dubios name Symphonic Trio in 2001. They practised all summer several days a week to do this one and only concert in Tysvær the 3rd of August 2001.

This recording, despite being a debut concert, represents a landmark in the development of the trio’s unique sound. The creative spirit, positive enthusiasm, and willingness to work hard and create pure art finally paid off, culminating in a 2 hour concert where every part of the puzzle finally fell into place. Suddenly the trio was able to cope up with their ambitions, and was ready to master classical chamber-music like sections with energetic and spontanious interplay.

The first years as a group they only performed in concert halls, securing optimal listening conditions and attention from the audience, while exploring the natural acoustics from nice sounding concert halls as a part of their sound. The concert hall in Tysværtunet is famous for its great acoustic reverb and for its great Steinway & Sons grand piano, and was a natural choice of venue for the debut concert in 2001. In 2004 they changed their name to Norchestra, and started to perform regularly in jazzclubs mainly in the West Coast of Norway. In 2007 they got the chance to play in Oslo, thanks to Miloud Guiderk, the leader of Cosmopolite, the legendary worldmusic scene in Oslo. This resulted in their debut-recording at Rainbow Studio in Oslo which was released on the Norwegian label Norcd early 2008. The response from media in Norway was extraordinarily positive, and Norchestra was described as something ”truly unique and remarkable”, and as ”some of the best sounding ensembles in Norway’s contemporary jazzscene”.

The 4 pianotrio pieces in this recording are all live from this concert with no edits or changes made. There is one fifth piece where Lundberg plays the guitar which due to technical problems did not get recorded during the concert. As a result the trio recorded this guitarcomposition a week later in the homestudio of recording engineer Erling Sande in Haugesund. It is included in the session because it shows the early development of Lundberg as a guitarist (recorded roughly 3 years after he began playing the instrument), and it is the first attempt to do what would later become this groups trademark, the changing between compositions written for grand piano and/or classical guitar.

This is a digital release only, and it is published as an EP due to the short length of the album (only 42 minutes). It is meant as an appetizer for the groups next album ”New Galaxy” that will be released in October 2011 as the first physical album on Acoustic Landscapes. Enjoy!

Acoustic Landscapes 2011

Track listing:

1. Intercontinental Landscape 9.04
2. Echoes of Grieg 5.29
3. Round Midnight 9.53 (T. Monk)
4. String Meditation 4.52
5. Moon and Sun, Clouds and Wind 12.35

Music composed by Alf Wilhelm Lundberg except where indicated

About Acoustic Landscapes:

Acoustic Landscapes is the new European record label run by artists in Norway and Italy. The company’s main ambition is to explore and refine the ”european sound” hoping to involve high level artists from all over Europe, focusing on natural acoustic improvisations and compositions. The company tries to avoid the use of compressors and limiters to achieve more dynamics and more natural musical growth and development in the sound. It is recommended to approach each release from this label with the attention you have when reading a novel or watching a movie, by listening carefully with total attention to the music the listener will get a much more fulfilled experience from the music.

The label starts with 3 releases this autumn in Norway, while several international releases and European colaborations are set to be released during 2012. Please go to to download cover art picture, and to get more info on other upcoming releases.

Yours Sincerely,

Acoustic Landscapes

Publisert 04 Aug 2011 av Norchestra
"Suite for the Seagulls" very well received!
The collaboration with Gnu Quartet worked exactly as well as we had expected, and we did one of our greatest concerts ever thursday 12th of August for the world-premiere of the commissioned work "Suite for the Seagulls"

Thanks to all people that came to the concert and shared this magical moment with us! Hopefully we will record and release this suite before next summer, we'll update you here on this website and on facebook!

Best, Norchestra w/Alf
Publisert 23 Aug 2010 av Norchestra
New 8-string Brahms-guitar to reinforce Norchestras sound!
I was in London this weekend to pick up my new handmade 8-string Brahms guitar!

The guitar is made by Martin G. Woodhouse, a luthier that lives in Cambridge. I can already now tell you that it is truly a remarkable instrument! With expanded range almost like a piano and really subtle and delicate sound it will without doubt be another enriching colour to the already colourful palette of Norchestra! To check out some of Martin's instruments go to his website:

We are currently working with our next cd to be released this autumn, and hopefully some of the compositions on this recording will be featuring my new 8-string Brahms guitar.

If you are curious to listen this instrument check out some of Paul Galbraith's recordings. Especially the recording where he interprets French impressionism with Ravel and Debussy is great.

Best, Alf on behalf of Norchestra
Publisert 17 Feb 2010 av Norchestra
What did Norchestra do in 2008?
The year 2008 is coming to and end, and we thought now to quickly sum up for you what we achieved during this year:

- We signed a record deal with Karl Seglem's label NorCD
- We released our debut record in February 2008 followed by a release tour all over Norway
- We got amazing and stunning reviews about our debutalbum "Norchestra" from norwegian and international press
- We played 5 important gigs in 3 nice festivals this summer: Britannia Hall at Olavsfestdagene festival in Trondheim, Festiviteten Concert Hall at Sildajazz festival, and at the opening and closing ceremony for the Norwegian Film Festival where we performed a comissioned piece composed by Alf Wilhelm Lundberg. This was before the opening film and world-premiere of the great movie "Den siste revejakta".
- We signed a deal with German manager Birgit Kramper's Kulturkollektion, hopefully this will result in some tours and many concerts in Germany during 2009
- Last but not the least, we rehearsed and prepared a lot of new compositions that we plan to record during 2009 for our second album.

We'll playing some concerts during vinterjazz 2009 in Norway, and we're preparing our first tour abroad this spring. For updates and concert schedule, remember to check out these links:

All the best, Alf & Norchestra
Publisert 16 Dec 2008 av Norchestra

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