Topclass Jazz
(Fredrik Heggelund, HA 28.11.2003)
"The way he improvised and accompanied his musicians was fantastic. If he's great on the piano, he's surely one of the best guitarists we have in this country.Not a guitarist that wants to play as fast as possible all the time, but one that mphasizes to play the right thing at the right time.". Read all (in norwegian) .

Generous for a handfull (Roar E. Jacobsen, HA 03.01.2003)
"Pianist/guitarist Alf Wilhelm Lundberg, drummer Tore Jamne and bassist Kjetil Lundø showed a delicate tenderness in what they played. Slowly, meditative and full of freshness. Jamne raised the lowered the intensity, he loves cymbals and advanced rythms and meters, while the bass followed him likewise. And Lundberg's show at the piano and along the neck of the guitar showed us what talent this town is currently possessing. Lundbergs long fingers did acrobatics on the pianokeys and on the nylonstrings". Read all (in norwegian).

Symfonic Jazz in the Concert Hall(Bjarne Aksdal, HA 04.08.2001)
"He thinks always very melodic in his structured compositions, but gives also a lot of room for spontanity in the overall sound. The concert was organized in two sessions. The first one with what Lundberg himself defines as "symfonic jazz" fitted together with classical elements". Read all (in norwegian) .

Debutant with many strings(Bjarne Aksdal, HA (22.12.2000)
"A debutconcert is not a daily issue in these areas. A jazzmusician that makes his debut in the musical fortress of the town like this is probably a new experience for us. Alf Wilhelm Lundberg plays several instruments, probably the piano is the main instrument, but yesterday we got to hear the guitarist and not the least the composer." Read all (in norwegian)